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Republica (including Tractor, Mercer School of Interior Design, CG Spectrum)

On the 2nd of March 2017, Republica Education Pty Ltd advised the Australian Council of Private Education and Training (ACPET) that they were restructuring and would not be delivering accredited courses in the future.

To that end, all students in the group will have been cancelled notified of this, had their VFH loan recredited and sent a statement attainment.

College Details: 67 Cromwell St COLLINGWOOD, VIC, 3066, Australia

Students please contact ACPET on:
Phone: 1800 875 474

Course CodeCourse Name
BSB50215Diploma of Business
BSB51915Diploma of Leadership and Management
CUA50715Diploma of Graphic Design
CUV50311Diploma of Graphic Design
CUV60411Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design
CUA51015Diploma of Screen and Media
CUA51115Diploma of Visual Arts
CUA60615Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media
CUF50107Diploma of Screen and Media
CUF60107Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media
MSF40113Certificate IV in Interior Decoration
MSF50213Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration
MSF60113Advanced Diploma of Interior Design