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Bulletin to all Students of Sage/Australian Careers Institute

In its role as Tuition Assurance Provider, the Australian Council of Private Education and Training (ACPET) has formally requested recredit/refund to the insurer and the Federal Department of Education and Training on behalf of all Sage/ACT students that have applied and provided documentation for this. To date, ACPET have submitted claims for some 1091 students and this application is now being processed by the Department of Education and Training, and, our insurers.

We are advised by the Department of Education and Training and the Insurers that the finalisation of this application will take some time as the evidence submitted is validated and in accordance with the requirements of the insurer, the proof of debt is confirmed.

The ACPET activations team will be contacting all Sage students that have responded to our initial correspondence in February this year to answer any queries and if required follow up on specific details to finalise claims.

Continuing learning students

Those Sage/ACI students who for a range of reasons have not been able to secure a second provider, ACPET will be advising that the best course of action is to seek a recredit/refund. In its role as Tuition Assurance Operator, ACPET believes that after all efforts to secure a second provider for these students that this is the best outcome. This includes those students who ACPET has made an offer of “teach out” to, but have yet to reply. If you believe you fall into this last category, then the team will talk you through how to make this happen when they contact you.

Assessments Update

Unfortunately, ACPET did not secure funding to establish a centre to mark all the outstanding SAGE assignments. Consequently, the liquidator of SAGE (Ferrier Hodgson) sent the boxes of assessments to ASQA (the VET regulator).

ASQA have completed the mail out of assessment tasks, some 7000 were distributed in the week ending 14 July 2017. ASQA have advised that if SAGE students have not received anything from ASQA by the end of July then student assessments were not with SAGE when they closed and/or ASQA did not receive them. Some assessments have “returned to sender” back to ASQA and they are currently working through these to achieve the best outcome.

ACPET notes that in our experience, retrieving the outstanding assessment kits could be valuable for SAGE/ACI students if they make a decision at a later date to enrol in a similar course at another college, for credit or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). ACPET cannot guarantee recognition with another college since that will be up to them.

If Sage/ACI students haven’t done so already, ACPET strongly recommends that students apply to ASQA for your transcript regardless of how many units have been recognised or marked. This can be done by going to: and completing the request form. Please note that this will not impact Sage/ACI VET FEE HELP (VFH) loan debt. The VFH loan may not necessarily be reduced for any completed units.

ASQA have advised ACPET that it will take some time to go through the student records so please wait until you receive communication from ASQA about your student records.

ACPET knows firsthand what a hard and frustrating journey this has been for Sage/ACI students. ACPET respects and values the forbearance of Sage/ACI students while the claims process is worked through by our insurers and the Department of Education and Training.

Next Steps

To reiterate, ACPET is writing to all students of Sage/ACI on the above and other matters during which time we will also be reaching out to the Sage/ACI students to work through next steps. In the meantime, if Sage/ACI students have any further questions you can contact the ACPET Activations Team by Ph 1800 875 474 or by Email:

On 7 March 2017, Sage Institute of Education (Australian Careers Institute) advised the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) that they were closing down and consequently were no longer able to provide training.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the tuition assurance process for Australian Careers Institute Pty Ltd, please click here.

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Students please contact ACPET on:
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Course CodeCourse Name
CHC30113Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
BSB30115Certificate III in Business
CHC33015Certificate III in Individual Support
SIS30315Certificate III in Fitness
CHC50113Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
HLT52015Diploma of Remedial Massage
CHC43015Certificate IV in Ageing support