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Training Providers seeking to support students

As part of their commitment to our industry and in keeping with their commitment to ACPET’s Code of Ethics, ACPET members provide support to students to teach out their course at another College/Institution.

Upon receiving notification of a course closure/college closure, ACPET approaches its network of members to see if there are places, in the same courses undertaken by displaced students, where they can continue their learning. If the location and methodology is appropriate to the needs of the student, then ACPET members will respond to a formal Expression of Interest (EOI) to take on students from the closed colleges so that they can complete their course.

Members of ACPET who are a part of the EOI process understand and abide by the provisions of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 –  VET Guidelines 2015, which relate to placements under a Tuition Assurance activation.

Training Providers wishing to provide support are asked to proceed to the Member EOI process below to register their interest, availability and capacity to support displaced students. The courses where students require support, is detailed under the link for each College that is under activation.

Once agreed by both the new Provider and the student, ACPET can then secure transfer for the student to the new learning provider.

Please view frequently asked questions for providers.

ACPET have also held two information webinars for secondary providers, the first provides general information and the second is specific to providers considering supporting students from Sage Institute.

Please take the time to listen to the information webinar and consider the supporting documentation:

Information Session- General
Downloadable webinar material and resources 

Information Session – Sage Institute 
Downloadable webinar material and resources 

Member Expression of Interest